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Estate Planning

Putting your savings, investments, life policies or assets into a trust can play an important part in minimising any taxes due on your estate. A trust is simply a legal entity that has control over assets for the benefit of one or more people.

Estate planning is all about making sure your wishes are followed, and minimising the amount of taxes due on your estate. When you talk to an independent financial adviser (IFA) about estate planning, you’ll be making sure that your assets are passed to the people you choose – not the tax man.

Savings and investments can be put ‘into trust’, which ensures that they will pass to the right people, at the right time – without paying unnecessary taxes first – and life assurance policies should be arranged ‘under trust’. This means that you choose ‘trustees’ to be responsible for the administration of the policy when you die.

By using our search tool to find an IFA in your area, you can find guidance on making your savings and investments more tax-efficient using trusts, and start estate planning for your loved ones’ future.

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