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Do you need financial advice? We offer expert advice to make your money work harder.

Financial Advisers In are able to provide a personal financial service throughout the UK. We offer independent financial advice meaning you get the best products to meet your individual needs.

Choosing the best options to protect yourself and loved ones is a big task. We can help you make better decisions. Our advice is easy to understand and covers: Annuities, Inheritance tax, Long term care fees, Estate Planning, Investments, Equity Release, Pensions and Wealth management
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When you arrange your retirement income, you have various choices and some important decisions to make. There are different types of pension annuities to consider depending on your circumstances.

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax (also know as estate tax) is usually due on an estate when somebody passes away. Any amount over the nil rate band threshold, currently set at 325.000 untill 2014 is taxed at 40%.

Long Term Care Fees

Almost everyone wants to ensure they can meet their care fees for their lifetime and preserve assets for their family. Good financial planning now may avoid distressing decisions in the future.

Estate Planning

Estate planning term refers to planning of person's estate in such a way that after his or her death, financial situation of any unit - be it a family or be it an organization remains stable and no confusion arises due to the absence of the proprietor.


If you are an income-seeking saver in search of good returns from your savings in this low interest rate environment. We can provide you with the professional advice you need to enable you to consider all the options available.

Equity Release

As you enter later life, you may want to release some of the equity in your home. This is a big step to take, so it’s important that you consider discussing it first with your family and that you
take independent financial advice.


The earlier you start saving for a pension, the better chance you’ll have of achieving your retirement goals. The State currently provides a basic level of pension income but you should also consider making your own arrangements so that you can enjoy your retirement years.

Wealth Management

Our experiencedadvisersprovidebespoke wealth management solutionsdesigned tomeet your individual needs and aspirations,working with you
to createyourstep by step personal planto
preserve your existing wealth.


Finding the correct finance solution for your business can be a real headache. Certain banks favour lending to specific sectors of business whilst others have a criterion which makes you feel like you are jumping through hoops.

Depending on the adviser you are referred to a fee may be charged for financial advice. The precise amount may depend on your circumstances or you may be charged a set fee.

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